Trace Music Video: for Anthem Facility NYC

I produced + directed TRACE Music Video for Anthem Facility, NYC.

Here are some Behind-The-Scenes shots featuring our actor/model/muse, Toronto-based, Jayme Keith:

Vinyl Twister!

Directing blindfolded Jayme for “braille” scene was a mega challenge in clear communication….Jayme was AWESOME!!

Mega-talented DP Kevin C.W. Wong shooting Jayme…500 kg of pink powder!!’

Director/Producer: Monique Ah-Sue
Director of Photography – Kevin C. W. Wong CSC
Art Director: Kate LaRue
Production Manager: Troy Grant
Stylist: Tiyana Grulovic
Hair/Makeup: Wendy Rorong
Editor: Rob Hornsby
Editor: Tim MacDonald
Designer: Kevin Burgess
Lead VFX: Justin Gundlock
VFX: Kevin Burgess
VFX: Kate LaRue
Color Correction: Rob Hornsby
1st AC – Johnny Chen and Heejoo Yoon
2nd AC / Grip – Joe Dibenedetto
Gaffer – Quin Martin
Art PA: Elif Karol
Art PA: Katrina Thorn
Art PA: Jessica Kulagowski
Talent: Jayme Keith





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